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Who Among These 3 Drunkards is More Drunk?

Discussion in 'Lyfestyle' started by Gertn, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Gertn

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    *1..after drinking he* *went inside the hotel's** *rest room to urinate and on entering**the* *toilet*, he* *saw the reflection of* *himself on the mirror* *and shouted* *"Oh,*
    *sorry, somebody is*
    *even here".*


    *2..After drinking, he got up and started searching for his phone all around. He puts on the phones' torch light* *(the one*
    *he is looking for) to enable him look for the phone and in the* *process the same phone rang, he picked* *up and answered* *"to call me back,* *I'm looking for my*
    *phone "*

    *3. After drinking, he entered his car and drove off, on*
    *getting to the major road, he saw Dangote's trailer that has been there for three years, he quietly went and park behind the trailer, after three hours, he started shouting*
    *"what kind of Go slow is this sef!"...thinking he was in a traffic jam.*

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