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    A good friend will always add value to your life but a bad friend will spell doom for you .Choosing a friend is one of the difficult challenges one can face .One of the greatest key to becoming successful in life is "FRIENDSHIP" . The friends you keep will go a long way in determining your level of success in life .
    Also , the type of friends you keep in secondary school or in the university will determine your level of success in school . Plenty people are unsuccessful in their chosen career today because of the friends they keep . They will give you advice which would lead to your downfall . Man is a social being which means that man is not an island . So you need much people as people need you .
    Even though we need companions whom we can interact with and play with , we should be careful when selecting such people . Having a friend who have the same mindset with you will go a long way in helping you in your chosen career . Remember that it is somebody that knows you well that can deal with you . It is those that are closer to you that your enemies will use to get closer to you .

    Your friends have more power over you than your enemies . So , be careful not to mingle with bad friends who can destroy your careeer . Be your own guard and also remember that bad character corrupts good mind . You can interact with everybody but be friends with few . Learn how to protect your self from bad friends . Stand firm when you are doing something . Remember that the more friends you have , the more influence you get from them .
    Review , your friends and know whether you are in the same lane with them . Are they pursing what you are pursing or are they after the worldly things . Access your friends and remove those that does not add anything to your life .
    Also know that good friends are rare to find so when you find one , do not allow the person to slip through your finger .

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