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    Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visit to places of interest . It is the act of visiting places of your interest . These places can be a museum , zoo , beach .etc . Tourists are visitors staying away from home for one or more nights . These centers can give you the comfort and joy you need for a good and happy life.

    There are so many benefits you can derive when you visit a tourist center like ;

    It would create an avenue for you to relax and enjoy life . Most people are so entangled in their job that they hardly have time to relax and play with their family .But , visiting tourist centers will create an avenue for you to have fun with your family . It will remove the belief of feeling lonely in your children . And it will serve as a reunion in your family .

    SNAPPING PICTURES : You may have had about some wild animals from friends or you may have seen their pictures in newspapers or television . Visiting tourist centers like zoo will give you the opportunity to see these animals and snap picture of them or touch some of them . Some people love seeing animals like lion , elephant , etc . When you visit tourist centers , you would see these animals .

    CELEBRATION OF ANNIVERSARIES : You can celebrate your anniversaries in a tourist center and make it a memorable day for all of you . There are variety of tourist centers in Nigeria and worldwide where you can celebrate your wedding , birthday or other anniversaries .Celebrating these events in tourist centers will make it more special and memorable .

    PEACE TALK : You can make peace with your lovely ones in tourist centers . This is another avenue you can harness when you visit a tourist center . If you are quarreling with your wife , you can lure her to a tourist center and make peace with her and it would be memorable for both of you . The same thing is applicable to friends . You can use a tourist center to make peace with your friend you have been quarreling for years .

    LEARNING PURPOSES : There are so many things you can learn in a tourist center . You can learn about the behaviour of wild animals or their life style in the zoo . Even as a teacher , you can take your students to tourist centers like museum and teach them some ancient cultures and beliefs.
    FOR PICNICS : You can go to a tourist center with your long time friends and have fun together . It is a good way of having a memorable reunion with each other . You can gather your relations and take them to tourist centers for picnics . Tourist centers is a good place where you can go for picnics .
    You can also go there to celebrate birthday events and you would enjoy it . So many birthday parties are organized in tourist centers and you can also organize your own in a tourist center .
    Tourist centers can also be used for research purposes. People go to museums to conduct research on various things . Places like olumo rock and other tourist centers are used for research purposes .
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